1. it had to be said

    And this is how I give little Brad a handy.

  2. “And THAT one earned you a curse.”

  3. Frank Burns

    Angelina Jolie indicating how many pages of the screenplay she wrote herself for the movie “In the Land of Blood and Honey”.

  4. Hugh G Rection

    So the one photo i’ve ever seen of her genuinely smiling is at the holocaust museum, interesting…….

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Crazy lady requests one more child.

  6. “This is how many guys I’ve banged named Billy Bob.”

  7. sc4play

    Hold that thought!

  8. “I’m so excited…I’m so excited…I’m so….SCARED.”

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    She’s playing violin in the world’s smallest death camp orchestra

  10. To her “The Land of Blood and Honey” refers to her bedroom.

  11. I see someone got their prescription upped.

  12. Um, whose been hacking pics from my belly-button cam?

  13. bigalkie

    Caught in yet another completely candid photo!

    In an attempt to bond with her nanny raised children Saint Angie is seen here at her gang signs class.

  14. blt

    “Foreign babies! Get ya foreign babies right here!”
    Angelina: “I’ll take one!”

  15. Sup Guy

    Fucking hates you and your bullshit more than you could ever possibly imagine.

  16. Blech

    For a limited time only, a pic where this chick is smiling…

  17. Mike701

    And another thing, Aniston dyes her hair!

  18. She’s looking more like The Joker every day.

  19. T-800

    This one time in Zimbabwe we got wasted and they dared me to adopt a baby. Oh, good times. Good times.

  20. Mando

    Ye ol’ town child collector.

    “Bitch Please”

  21. fdghfgdjdfhg

    She is so wrecked for 36.

  22. “Look what I found in my nose!”

  23. narddog


  24. Satyr - ditto

    WORTHY OF A REPEAT: FACT: “In the Land of Blood and Honey” was stolen from the writer / director of “Back to Bosnia” who sent Jolie the script years ago.

  25. Satyr

    FACT: “In the Land of Blood and Honey” was stolen from the writer / director of “Back to Bosnia” who sent Jolie the script years ago.

  26. Drew

    “I’m coming after yours next!”

  27. My Eyes! My Eyes!

    I was like, who the fuck is this ugly old bitch? Then I learned it’s Jolie, of all people. Brad really shot himself in the foot for ditching Aniston to be with this geritol looking skank.

  28. NG

    “I have 10 children. I’m a crazy children lady”

  29. irishboyo

    Did she get the lead for “The Michael Jackson Story”?

  30. Warren Piece

    Was she visiting, or was she one of the displays?

  31. vandinz

    She needs a good pan of ash.

  32. lily

    wow she looks rough here, and not just because of the face shes making. i guess being 90 pounds and chasing after all of those kids is starting to age her…

  33. anonym

    god damned freaky.

    every time I see her, I see Jon Voight in a wig

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