1. Richard McBeef

    Shoulda listened to Indy, bitch. Don’t look directly at it.

  2. Snack pack

    Bravo, Sam Woolley! For having that singular look that makes boobs go unnoticed.

  3. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    What’s the name of your man who paints faces that way?…ah yeah, Stevie Wonder.

  4. Melonz

    Whoa what the hell is wrong with her face? Did she get mauled by a cast iron skillet? :x

  5. it had to be said

    And now the hotel room has no drapes.

  6. Frank The Duck

    When you hold a mask in front of you it should probably be a 3D one….

  7. That is the worst selling doll in history.

  8. cc

    Kate Middleton’s cheap knockoff.

  9. Weaselmouse

    And everyone said Middleton kept it classy for her Dirty Thirty…

  10. Cock Dr

    What’s a “scousewive”???

    • Answer Man

      I googled it for you. Apparently it is a reality show from Liverpool. The name is derived via parody from Deperate Housewives. Those frickin Limeys are clever. That whole lack of oral hygiene thing – they do it just to fuck with us.

  11. Swearin

    Kendall Jenner, 20 years from now

  12. Mando

    Bright Pillows

  13. squishy

    Kate Middleton??

  14. Warren Piece

    Jesus! She looks like a half-turned page!

  15. fuckityfuck

    the *new* Audrina….question is can we drive a tour bus between her boobs?

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