1. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    According to biologists there’s no difference between male and female pensioners and yet their numbers increase every year. Explain that one evolution!

  2. doogleberg

    “Rosie, if I’ve told you once I’ve told you ten times…quit scratching your balls and then sniffing your finger.”

  3. Frank The Duck

    Hmmm… smells like a fish market…..

  4. Ah yes…the elusive lesbian booger pick.

  5. Rosie isn’t picking her nose, she’s simply signaling a correct answer in a game of “Guess my Regrets Charades”. The guess was “failing at stand-up comedy, television, movies, and magazine publication”

  6. Such class from this ass clown.

  7. Venom

    All class Rosie, all class.

  8. The only thing that would make this picture complete would be if she wore a monocle.

  9. cc

    There’s a fuckin’ surprise.

  10. I hope that is her hand. Worst personal assistant job ever.

  11. Get back in there brain!

  12. Joe Blow

    “Hmm…. how can I make myself even more disgusting? Wait, I know… (Pick, pick, pick, pick)

  13. Rosie must be going to the racetrack because I see she’s picking winners.

  14. It takes a real princess to blow a snot rocket on the red carpet.

  15. Blech

    Well, maybe she was hungry. And you know it’s hard to put out a buffet of food to satisfy her…

  16. Coyote

    There’s Gold in them There Hills

  17. EricLr

    Hey, anyone remember when she was just a normal, funny stand-up comic?

    No, me neither.

  18. I heard that is considered to be only a one point snack on Weight Watchers.

  19. squishy

    Buried treasure!

  20. squishy

    I know I hid a twinkie somewhere…

  21. jam

    She thought he was the shit now she is on who’s network O ha ha

  22. JoJojojo

    “Coke goes here.”

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