1. Jeremy Irons – Out-hipstering everyone since 1980…

  2. Richard McBeef

    Simon says loose the scarf, pussy.

  3. it had to be said

    Shit, I thought the Fonz had turned old.

  4. Frank Burns

    Irons needs to switch off from the tobacco juice and coffee toothpaste he’s been using.

  5. Glad to see they found a market for Crest Beige Strips.

  6. pdan

    Liza Minelli doesn’t look half bad when she lets her beard grow out.

  7. cc

    I hear they can use lasers to whiten your teeth. In his case, they are using a surplus laser from the defense department.

  8. Has he been banned from brushing his teeth? Fucking occupiers.

  9. gigi

    I’d still shag him rotten baby! rowrrrrrr

  10. That’s an octuple-windsor…respect.

  11. Mike Hunt

    I pay people to tell me I’m fabulous.

  12. Hey, Jer…A shower and a shave would do you wonders.

  13. EricLr

    One of the few heterosexuals left in Hollywood who can pull off an ascot and a smoking jacket.

  14. “No, I’m not a hipster. It’s fucking cold! Now those assholes have ruined scarves too?!”

  15. Warren Piece

    C’mon Jeremy… show us those pearly yellows.

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