1. joe

    Everyone’s schwartz shrinks a little with age.

  2. “This… This is the size of the cock Lucas penetrated his franchise with…”

  3. A womp rat is about 2 meters…

  4. “…and so we had to get Chewie’s satchel and belt outta the way, plus there was all that hair… but when we finally did…”"

  5. cc

    Okay asshole, you want to make another joke about my light sabre? My light sabre is THIS FUCKING BIG!

  6. Billy Barty, Jr

    ” the joint … the joint ,…… the joint was about this big , and C3PO was bogarding it like you wouldn’t believe”

  7. Duck Soup

    I still matter at least THIS much.

  8. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    I prefer looking at his old man sans helmet.

  9. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Taking the Level Up message behind him to heart I see

  10. “You know what? You know what?! ‘Luke Shywanker’ was funny the first 500 times I heard it. So, fuck you, buddy!”

  11. “Carrie’s penis was about this big, as I recall.”

  12. ‘SKYWANKER’!! It’s supposed to “SKYWANKER”!!! Damn, it!! There goes my getting-my-words-posted-next-to-a-pic-on-the-internet-for-no-money bragging rights!!

  13. “I see myself in the next Star Wars trilogy with that special effect they did to reverse age Patrick Steward and Ian McKellen”


  15. Anderson Pooper

    “Pew pew pew!”

  16. Fishballs

    “Seriously. Carrie used to do lines in her trailer that were THIS BIG!”

  17. rican

    “Hey Mark, how close where you to getting another acting role after Star Wars?”

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