1. joe

    I’ll bet that neither Bush has a bush.


    Dumb and dumber

    • Plurp

      Jenna is a contributing correspondent for NBC’s Today show and a UNICEF Next Generation chair, and also created the Novo Project, which is dedicated to social change. Barbara is the CEO of Global Health Corps, a non-profit that focuses on inspiring and mobilizing young leaders to get involved with global health issues. But you just let your hatred of their father keep you ignorant, just like obama wants you to be.

      • Have you ever seen Jenna Bush report?

      • tlmck

        On the plus side, she has blond hair and a nice rack.

      • father dougal

        Whuzzat? The evil Kenyan Muslim Socialist president bent on destroying ‘muhrica wants us to hate the Bush twins. Wow! I did not know that.
        Thank God we have stalwart souls like your good self, sir. Ready to leap upon your charger on a moment’s notice and let us know of the twins’ impressive list of achievements – all acquired strictly on their own merits and having not a single thing to do with which vagina they happened to pop out of. Kudos, good sir. Can you do Meghan Mccain and her fine tits next? I hear she’s a rocket surgeon or somesuch.

      • Hey, Plurp… there are other Bushes who have had important-sounding jobs, too. Just look at their father. And he’s got the IQ of a burned Pop-Tart.

        And in reality, you should be glad that Obama is president. Because of his decisions, none of the Bushes or their cronies have, thus far, been brought to trial for Crimes Against Humanity.

      • ChristonaCracker

        You, good sir, are an idiot

  3. Bigalkie

    Hopefully intellect travels down the female side of the family or these kids are fucked.

  4. cc

    It’s really hard not to wish ill on them, but I’ll refrain.

  5. cc

    And where have Meghan McCain’s tits been lately anyway?

  6. jake

    I sure wouldn’t mind titty fucking a President’s daughter. For bragging rights, and , well, Jenna’s got nice cans and golden locks to shoot a little jizz on.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Well, it’s pretty obvious which one is more fun

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      I bet the one on the right already has a special purse she’s saving, to keep her future husband’s balls in.

  8. The brunette always feels confident and pretty, because she’s not the one that looks like her daddy in a wig. She also feels pity for shortbus, there.

  9. Athr

    since the one on the left resembles her father, i wonder if she too is a zero-IQ simpleton-liar.

  10. Sure she looks a little slow but those titties ain’t dim!

  11. Anderson Pooper

    Bush girl titties taste the same as regular titties, but they leave you with a metallic, loaded-pistol aftertaste.

  12. Tillman

    Two on a Bush is worth one with a… I mean, Two in your Bush is worth one… oh, the hell with it.

  13. The blond one’s eyes are too small for her head. Great rack though. I’d fuck them like their dad fucked the US economy.

  14. mbcl

    “The ‘ i’m not impressed ‘ face always cracks Jenna up. “

  15. skunk


  16. “My twin sister may have gotten the pretty, delicate facial features, but, goddamnit, I GOT THE FUCKIN’ TITS!”

  17. ChristonaCracker

    What I wouldn’t give to watch these two chow down on each other’s muffs…

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