1. ThisWillHurt

    A face that says, “Why the fuck is Kristen Stewart more famous than me?”

  2. cc

    I call her ‘Pocket Fuck’.

  3. Black Mic 101, in which instructor Kim starts ‘em off easy.

  4. BigOkie

    This chick is super cute. Love the dark eyes!

  5. Duck Soup

    A woman just waiting for someone to unleash her inner wildcat.

  6. Happy_Evil_Dude

    “Yes, I realize I will be irrelevant again within the year now that this last turd has been shat out.”

    • rantatonne

      form the supporting cast there are any people to whom that would apply, she has more than enough to not be one of them.

  7. She’s the poor man’s *Fez’s psycho girlfriend*.


  8. She’s remarkably cute. I expect a lot of good things from her in the future.

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