1. ThisWillHurt



    Maybe it smells between her boobs.

  3. it had to be said

    “That wasn’t hair gel?”

  4. That’s the best she’s looked in years.

  5. One second earlier she did a jumping jack.

  6. rantatonne

    Jon Hamm’s Penis strikes again

  7. shonzie

    Uma’s “OH” face.

  8. Chase

    It could be lupus.

  9. Deacon Jones

    Cover charge at club – $25
    Drink for stranger you met in bar – $90
    Cab ride back to her place because her roomie is out of town -$15
    That awkward moment after you cum on her face – priceless

  10. Duck Soup

    You know Tarantino just came in his pants.

  11. Phoenix

    She’s looking at Tarentino. He’s down there slobbering all over her ankles.

  12. Once again…NEVER go full retard.

  13. Bionic_Crouton

    The most popular seat at the Snowflake Ball was the sybian saddle.

  14. Senor Trout

    Uma happily obliged when a photog shouted out ‘What face would you make to get on the cover of ‘Monsters of Jizz Vol. 26?’

  15. Anderson Pooper

    Get the syringe of adrenaline. I’ve seen her do this before.

  16. “I just go like this…I pretend I’m, like, eating a popsicle or something and just try not to gag.”

  17. Olivier Martinez went too far this time.

  18. will

    Chris Brown discovered where a retina is located.

  19. will

    Got a little snowflake in my eye, it’ll melt in a minute.

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