1. it had to be said

    Looks like they’re being carjacked.

  2. “Kevin, what the hell did you eat?”

  3. Classic “Who farted?” faces

  4. cc

    Olivier Martinez is running after the car.

  5. That’s a pretty nice jacket for a cop who’s working vice.

  6. caley

    “That’s it Kevin, no more broccoli for you”

  7. Happy_Evil_Dude

    - “Wait, we forgot Nick at the gas station again!”
    - “Crap, he noticed!”

  8. Doctor_Joystick

    Is this the episode where Turtle fell asleep in the tanning bed?

  9. Tidbit

    They replaced the 3rd, forgettable Jonas with a black man knowing no one would ever notice.

  10. where’s a hoard of paparazzi and a Paris tunnel when you need them?

  11. Driving a bunch of Daisies.

  12. Jester

    Who let the Brutha Drive?

  13. cagster

    When they told him that he was driving the Jonas brothers, he knew that he needed to put on a male chastity belt and stay alert.

  14. mando

    they’re all high as fuck

  15. Dave

    In the driver’s seat of every car like this, there’s always a black guy, saying it all with his eyes.

  16. Anderson Pooper

    “Keep going- that pedestrian was already dead. You boys didn’t see anything.”

  17. j/k

    No matter how many times I see it, the Zoolander gif cracks me up.

  18. Allison Wunderlan

    “Mama always told me to lock the windows when I go into a white neighborhood. But did I listen? Noooooooooooo………..”

  19. right

    “OMG, she flashed her bits! Eww!!!”

  20. “Did you read them their rights…???”

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