1. Mr. Poop


  2. Totally normal way to stand when waiting for a cab.

    Incidentally, it would be awesome if all women did this whenever a camera was pointed at them.

  3. cc

    Yup, when I was commuting to New Jersey on a weekly basis, I always got stuck waiting for a limo behind a woman like this. So annoying.

  4. Deacon Jones

    She should be splashed all over the god damn place instead of that fat fuck Kim K.

  5. Tom Jones

    Sophie Turner or Sophie Monk?

    I plead no contest, your Honor.

  6. Jade

    Psssst. You’re trying too hard.

  7. Crissy

    Honey when you are this hot, trying soooooo hard makes you lose some hotness.
    That said, I so would!!! Damn!

  8. Darwinism


    Type “What an awesome” $personality

  9. Sheppy

    I stand like that when I hang out at airports too.
    No-one takes pictures of me, though :(

  10. “I’m a pony, I’m a pony” – Richard Simmons

  11. Ronaldo

    Now she is just showing off. No need honey. You look great.

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