I feel like Lady Gaga would be so much better looking if she wasn’t so ugly.

  2. Looking at that lower left corner, somebody needs a shave…

  3. MrG

    “This lip curl is what I have instead of talent.”

  4. I don’t have the best gaydar, but…

  5. cc

    I suspect the fellows accompanying her might be dancers.

  6. Duck Soup

    The CPU is struggling to keep those huge glasses from falling off so there is little capacity left to create a proper smile. But Skynet is promising the next male terminator will come with significant upgrades.

  7. Little Tongue

    “With a rebel yell she cried more, more, more”

  8. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    *crosses fingers that she visits Soweto. At night. Unaccompanied.*

  9. Bionic_Crouton

    “What the hell did I possess now man?”-Elvis’ ghost

  10. She got fat and suddenly discovered clothes.

  11. Spartacus

    Fell out of the ugly tree, hitting all the branches on he way down

  12. Timothy

    Elvis: The Lipstick Years

  13. Seriously?!

    That’s the same face I make every time a picture of her pops up on here…

  14. As long as she brushes her teeth, shaves the important parts, bathes, wears deodorant, and doesn’t talk my ear off, I think she’d be perfectly fuckable.

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