1. Did she get those puppies reduced?
    I think we need to study this further…

  2. Bigalkie

    Wow, London, who would have guessed?

  3. Praise The Lords

    Looks like Katy Perry if Katy Perry were hot.

  4. Rapsutin's Evil Twin

    No idea who she is, but I suspect she’s a gift for someone.

  5. cc

    Her tattoos set her apart from the rest of skankdom.

  6. Duck Soup

    Finally understand the purpose of the tattoos: identification. With those tits no man ever looks at the face. It’s really a public service. But for a 1000 bucks extra she’ll do a private service too.

  7. tlmck

    OK! seems an appropriate magazine for her.

  8. cagster

    Spot the gay guy in the background.

  9. Heywood Jablowmie

    Lets get Chinese eyes.

  10. mando

    Megan Fox’s cunt double coming through

  11. Once again, shitty tattoos ruin a perfectly serviceable woman.

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