1. Bigalkie

    Peter Brady, about to tie antlers to the family dog in ” A Very Grinchy Brady Christmas”.

  2. Everything about this picture looks uncomfortable

  3. I didn’t know Charo even knew Sam Rockwell

  4. cc

    Does that dog come with extra gay?

  5. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    It’s clearly a gift for Lenny Kravitz to wear.

  6. Little Tongue

    Accessory dogs should be tiny little things. What’s next? A hand held Golden Retriever???

  7. Cock Dr

    That does seem like an appropriate date to bring to that particular movie premiere.

  8. Heywood Jablowmie

    Taco flavored kisses

  9. It’s like a mop that lost its handle.

  10. Toe Jam

    Hold my stones…nah, wait…hold my Shit…zu

  11. Dave

    Not pictured: Linda Tripp’s bottom half.

  12. oldfool

    Dude, call Russell Simmons for rent-a-date pointers.

  13. christine

    she is way out of his league

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