1. How cute, she’s growing a gunt just like her BFF Kim…

  2. FattyFatty2X4

    No man is coming forward to claim this one.

  3. Emma Watson's Vagina

    I’ll claim Rose McGowan’s but not this one.

  4. Wow, crystal meth is a helluva drug.

  5. ThisWillHurt

    Happy VD!

  6. karlito

    i thought it was a drag queen dressing as a drag queen trying to look like Paris Hiton.

  7. “I got a new one, Bobby. Winky-Dinky Ho Cake…ho’s gotta eat too”.

  8. I see she still has that weird body shape.

  9. I'mCool

    channeling Nina Hartley

  10. Morphing into her mother. There is justice in this world.

  11. Cock Dr

    Aging fast…ha ha.

  12. nik

    Is this just really bad lighting or did she go straight from 30 to age 50?

  13. At last tally, not a single fuck was given today about Paris Hilton. Film at eleven…

  14. Martina

    Uh oh, it’s about time for her to finance a decent sex tape

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