1. She’s waaaayyy out of his date range….

  2. Pinke

    He is such a douche.

  3. I hope she turned around and slapped him with an entrenching tool.

  4. Schmidtler

    This guy made a bajillion dollars convincing stupid chicks to show off their tits and yell ‘Woo Hoo!’. We hate him why now?

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      If he would have filmed those sluts it in black white or in front of a white screen he would have been regarded as talented genius, like that Terry Richardson nozzle.

  5. Brit

    Brows Gone Wild

  6. Good to know he learned something from his jail time.

  7. BP

    That old bag actually has a great bod!

  8. BP

    Promoting her new book “MILFS Gone Hog Wild”

  9. So let’s see….. joe francis would ply young women up with liquor and then get the intoxicated you women to have their naked bodies filmed. And in process joe francis became a gazillionaire.

    joe francis sound like a great upstanding fellow no?

  10. Surprise Anal!

    (he learned it in prison – from the other end)

  11. “If you’re drowning in pussy, you can always swim to the butt.”

  12. Heather didn’t lose her virginity until she was 27. She has to make for lost time. She’ll take it anyway she can get it.

  13. She looks like a fish.

  14. Wapshin

    Where are the assassins when we need them?

  15. Surpreiz buttsecks aside, he’s looking suspiciously non-douchey here. That makes me nervous. What is he up to?

  16. Looks like “Sh*t girls say” has a new photo for their book.

  17. Allison Wunderlan

    A “Francis” by birth, but a “Kardashian” by…. well I think this pictures explains it all.

  18. “Hey, that ain’t no way to be treatin’ a lady! Someone shoot that sum-bitch!”

  19. …and all she got was a Girls Gone Wild t-shirt.

  20. Rape, it is what he does best. Usually it would be someone her daughter’s age though.

  21. Whyask

    Herpes addled fuck. Him too.

  22. Scott

    Who let him out of prison??

  23. “Heather, I’m not gonna lie to you. I have no idea what this is. But we need to lance it, because I’m sure it’s gonna go malignant FAST.”

  24. Styles Bitchley

    That is one beastly looking woman. What the hell is wrong with her face?

  25. Little know fact: Her face was the inspiration for Jigsaw’s puppet in Saw.

  26. nutsack

    God, I hate Joe FRancis!!!

  27. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Her legs severely test the saying, “You can never be too thin or too rich.”

  28. the crazy betty

    disrespectful ass.

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