1. Miley Cyrus, stage 3 gender transformation…

  2. If this were a porn film, what would we be looking at here? FMF? FFF? MMM?

  3. This makes me think Pink has a cock, but I’ve seen her taking a piss with her vulva visible – I’m so confused.

  4. karlito

    she’s built like a African pygmy. there s nothing sexy when a woman bulks up and has muscles pointing to her snatch.

  5. And in the middle, Willow Smith in 10 years.

  6. Whats the chances she’s str8?

  7. josep

    The “There’s Something About Mary 15th Anniversary Tour” is off and running, I see.

  8. TrannyHunter

    Definitely time to change her name to Blue.

  9. Cock Dr

    Not your standard airbrushed autotoned pop diva.

  10. Looks like the line waiting in front of the abortion clinic after Mardi Gras.

  11. Unfortunate photo.

  12. “Now say one more word and my boys here are going to make you kiss my third leg OKAY?”

  13. Bob Hopeless

    The girl in the back knows:

    1) she looks like an idiot,
    2) she’s the hottest chick currently on the stage.

  14. They look tired and bored…

  15. Straight up dude.

  16. “Hey! Give us some respect…were parents!”

  17. “Hey! Give us some respect…we’re parents!”

  18. Lipnicki Has a Posse.

  19. What we see here is an aggregate I.Q. approximately equal to that of a bag of sunflower seeds.

  20. She is the ugliest man up there.

  21. Not attractive.

  22. She looks like she sounds like Harvey Firestein.

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