1. FattyFatty2X4


  2. Who knew the Joker had a nice rack?

  3. “Do you like my hair and dress?”

    “Whatever distracts from your face.”

  4. alex

    She’s had ZERO work done.

  5. Brit

    OMFG. She never looks good. Even on her good days

  6. Freebie

    Take off the ugly purple wig. You look better blonde, not by much, but better.

  7. She’s actually really cute if you squint your eyes… and look at someone else

  8. So she’s skinny-ish this week? It’s hard to keep up.

  9. She’s alot better looking than she was 10 years ago

  10. I actually like her a lot. She’s cute.

  11. Axerty

    Her dad already killed the Batman, I heard.

  12. meeps!

    Lets put a smile on that face!

  13. cc

    So, I guess you guys think the juxtaposition of Natasha Barnhard and this is funny?

  14. She looks like an old Peter Max drawing. Miles of teeth….

  15. Is it Halloween already?

  16. I’ll bet they keep a good eye o her when she goes grocery shopping. She could shoplift an entire grocery cart in that mouth.

  17. Dio owns Ozzy


    Looks like the Ozzman in drag

  18. Figures she’s heading to the same party where the Jonas Bros. are hanging.

  19. I wish she would’ve just stayed fat and kept her tits to herself.

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