1. She’s always a bit sloppy in the gut, but damn it’s hard to argue with that rack.

  2. Cock Dr

    Clothes just get in the way and make her look frumpy.

  3. From the top:
    Outline of great tits – Check.
    Outline of nice stomach – Check.
    Outline of penis – Che….WTF?

  4. Ok, look…she’s got a cute face, and a world class rack…but she needs to do some goddamn crunches.

  5. Fat Tits Bastard

    Git in mah bellay!

  6. Those fucking tits, man. Wow.

  7. Axerty

    How is this considered a gut? What the fuck is wrong with you queers…

  8. cc

    The tensile strength of that fabric is really something, let’s hope its reached it’s limit.

  9. That’s one topographic bellybutton!

  10. I can’t help but fantasize about snuggling up to those majestic hooters!

  11. lawn

    Almost didn’t recognize her without a bikini on.

  12. Even that dress can’t conceal those magnificent orbs.

  13. “we control the horizontal!”

  14. Who am I wearing? The shoes are Channel. The dress is Fuzzy Porn Channels from Childhood.”

  15. Skeeter

    I’d lick her asshole and let her pee on me if I could have fun with her tits and bang her.

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