1. CK

    And Instagram just filed for bankruptcy.

  2. Juch

    Please, someone take the camera away from grandma.

  3. FattyFatty2X4

    Flapjacks in the rear, not a good look, still her best side tho.

  4. Film from the first spycam, 1953.

  5. Get me her number… I was wondering the other day where I could get good flash powder for my turn-of-the-century photographic appliance.

  6. Brit

    The prime reason why we have a covert domestic drone assassination program

  7. Cock Dr

    The latest BF needs to bang her harder so we won’t be subjected to this sort of thing.

  8. not to self-
    develop next big online idea- instaeyebleach.
    me = rolling in $$$$$$$$$$$!!!

  9. Ronaldo

    Please. Just give up. You are not hot or attractive anymore. Stop trying.

  10. Minky Wail

    Photo by Louise DaGuerre

  11. We can only hope that young, impressionable attractive women attempt to emulate her photos…

  12. meeps!

    You’re doing it wrong…

  13. lawn

    Great. Who’s the genius who taught her how to use Instagram?

  14. Civil War photography makes me weepy every time.

  15. Time for her to un-find Instagram. Lourdes needs to take the phone away from Grandma.

  16. wagamama

    Is that Rodman in the background?

  17. OzMatters

    It looks more like the Roswell Alien photo.

  18. Let’s just be happy it’s an Instagram–black & white and fuzzy– rather than clear and sharp. I shudder to imagine!

  19. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    My flat ass and your flat ass
    Sitting by the fire
    My flat ass said to your flat ass
    Gonna set myself on fire

  20. Marina

    What the hell is wrong with her?

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