1. Cock Dr

    The old coot looks good.

  2. This brain-trust really thinks he’s “The Fonz.”

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- OH, GOD! MY HEART!”

  4. JC

    I didn’t know The Fonz was only 4’2″.

  5. Carolyn

    “Cover Winkler in bees. You can do it.”

  6. Brit

    Jumping the shark bait

  7. contusion

    Looks like Fonz has still got the better hairline.

  8. “I fucked Marion Ross on the closed set of Happy Days, and this shit happened.”

  9. mike

    Hayden was smitten with the old rebel. Boxers, jocks, bouncers… all of them men who traded on their brawn, but no one had ever literally jumped a shark to get at her ‘Pinky Tuscadero’ before.

  10. Happy Days ended 6 years before she was born. As far as she knows she’s just humoring some creepy old guy, letting him take a photo with a celebrity.

  11. 2 very awesome people.

  12. stuffs

    *Drives up*
    “Hey, you’re not one of those silly men that’s dressed like a woman, are you?’
    “No, baby, I’m the real thing.”
    *Peels away*

  13. Well, she’s expanding her type

  14. John Travolta

    Great pic!

  15. She seems really happy here. He must be hung like an elephant.

  16. I believe you could watch a movie on her forehead.

  17. The Fonze was stoked to learn he could turn the skank on and off by snapping his fingers.

  18. HAAAAAAY…den.

  19. “I love meeting one of my fans” is what they both said to the other when they were introduced to each other.

  20. Oz Matters

    Nothing but respect for Mr Winkler.

  21. Skeeter

    I’d motorboat Hayden’s butt.

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