1. whoathere

    Just drop her in with the lions. The over/under is set at 4 minutes.

  2. whiskeyafternoon

    I suppose we’re all praying for hungry sharks below.

  3. “FOOD?!? I SMELL FOOD!”

  4. just here for laughs

    “That’s ok, I’ll spot you. Just step out behind the wall. No, no , I’ve got you.” *crosses fingers*

  5. peepee

    The wording on her shirt near her ass should say “shameful” instead of “sinful.”

  6. Freddo

    Hey that fat midget is trying to sneak in free…

  7. The sign clearly says don’t feed the Hippos. Silly tourists.

  8. Throw it back in. It’s smellin’ pretty rancid!

  9. Problem?

    How is it I knew it would be this skank in the picture before I even enlarged the thumbnail?

  10. Venom

    I wish this was right before they threw her in to feed the alligators.

  11. k333ly

    Dude wtf is going on here with her (lack of) ass?

  12. Her last ditch effort to be seen at pool parties? Disguising herself as the world’s ugliest flutter-board.

  13. tlmck

    That dude should let her go and see how well she bounces.

  14. Gimli

    You NEVER toss a dwarf!

  15. roadkill

    What makes you think that the lions would touch that?

  16. J.R.

    Oh, GROSS! He touched it!

  17. Facebook Me

    The wording “Sinful” on the back of her shirt sums up nicely for two reasons:

    1) Her body
    2) Her fame whoredom

  18. Wotwot


  19. StoneAge

    i think she is barely 12 years old

  20. erf

    Who let the Oompa Loompa in??

  21. Steelerchick

    3) her face
    4) her breath
    5) her lack of brains.

  22. AnnaDraconida

    Those damn ewoks climb up on everything

  23. This thing is breaking at least 3 biblical commandments in this picture.

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