1. That which has been seen cannot be unseen…

  2. Bonky

    Now that’s some fast acting chilli.

  3. Satan's bitch

    Definitely her best side.

  4. BorrisMorris

    That had better be the TARDIS she’s going into or there’s gonna be a hell of a mess when the walls explode outwards

  5. hbw

    “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant: Celebrity Edition”

  6. The Pope

    She puts the “ass” in classy.

  7. chopped75

    Wait, it’s not bigger on the inside! Doctor??

  8. DogBoy

    Career? … Career? You in there?

  9. Michelle

    She so full shit that place will never be the same again.

  10. Chris

    A port-a-potty in that dress? Ick.

  11. So is she going in there to eat?

  12. chikaty

    so that’s where big brother is filmed!

  13. Perplexity

    Tori is seen arriving at a screening of her best work.

  14. SSHGuru

    I’ve never seen a porta-potty afraid.

  15. One piece of advice- burn that fucking dress the moment she leaves that porta-shitter.

  16. Uncle Denial

    Perhaps looking for affordable housing?

  17. Is it time to give birth already?

    Chili cookoff honeybucket baby doesn’t have the same catchy ring to it….

  18. Time for her secret rendezvous with Phoebe Price.

  19. Sin

    Tori must be having urges for peanuts and corn.

  20. She stole my shower curtain!!!

  21. JPC

    I didn’t know it was possible to feel bad for a Port-a-Potty, but Tori Spelling proves me wrong again!

  22. seanuga

    Ray is so gonna push that Portapotty over.

  23. Steve

    …so glad that was a crap we missed.

  24. Bob The Builder

    So that’s where she got her boobs done!!

  25. My career! I found it!

  26. Uncle Phil

    “Hon, I know my career has tanked, but are you sure this is all we can afford? What about all the money Dad made from Charmed?”

  27. toopier

    …One’s Full of Shit, and the other is used at construction sites…

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