1. Lady nothing hit it… It heard you laughing. period.

  2. Deacon Jones

    “C’mon, C’MERRRREEEE…”

    (bird lifts heads, swallows peebles in road and chokes dead)

  3. Chris

    Just pick it up and move it, you stupid cow.

  4. It must have landed in her career…

  5. De Gaulle

    Tries? Tries what the fuckin Jedi mind trick?

  6. chikaty

    that would be the worst noise ever to wake up from a nap to! i dont care what species you are.

  7. Dutch

    “I still don’t know how my voice can bring these things down”

  8. Prince of roughness

    Rescue? I’ll have you know, baby birds are susceptible to extremely annoying sound waves. I say that poor bird’ a Martyr.

  9. Ismoss

    SSSSKKKKKEEEEEEECCHCHH THUD! “Whew thank goodness thought I hit the bird”

  10. “I might be able to save this bird if I don’t say anything”

  11. Richard McBeef

    Raise your hand if you beat off to the nanny.

    Fuck you, I was 13 and the TV was on mute.

  12. “watch – I can poop out another one”

  13. Sin

    Just spread open your legs. It will think that hairy mess is a nest.

  14. Looks like ‘stalking it’ would be a more apt description.

  15. Mike Walker

    Turns out it was just a turd.

  16. cheese mitts

    Good for her, a dead bird will be a lot easier to bring back from the dead than her career.

  17. Clown Shoes

    Its actually crawling into traffic.

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