1. Ruckus

    I’d like to scully fuck her

  2. How many times do you think she told David Duchovny that “X marks the spot”?

  3. it had to be said

    I feel like the tits need to touch to be “cleavage.” This is gappage.

  4. mike

    “And the great ship split in half and sank into the North Atlantic.”


  5. CptCreep

    The Boobs are out there…

  6. Papshmeere

    God she’s hoooottttt

  7. mike

    Someone photoshop her face onto some other woman’s naked body, I miss 1997

  8. peepee

    She looks better now than she did in the 90′s. Everyone looked pretty crappy in the 90′s, though. Especially Madonna.

  9. Crabby Old Guy

    Scully, it’s me. The “Truth” is in my hands as we speak.

  10. Raoul

    “The truth is in THERE!”

  11. Scully, the truth is in me. I need to put it in you!

  12. Arzach

    She’s still hot, I like the red hair better

  13. SSHGuru

    The truth is that you’ve got saggy boobs and you bought your chin implant at costco.

  14. those boobs are like an unsealed report from the Clinton Administration…haven’t been interesting in 20 years.

  15. That signature probably gets pretty good after 10 straight years to work on it with no interruptions.

  16. frcrkr

    Wow! She is hot!

  17. Nekkid Dawg

    She looks like pornstar Julia Ann!

    • God is Black

      Are you serious? I had a look at Julia Ann. May be your delusional as being butt probed by Aliens does fuck you up!

  18. catapostrophe

    The thumbnail looks like Katie Couric.

  19. AnnaDraconida

    Love herrr

  20. Clown Shoes

    Gillian has a great publicist. At her age you really don’t want people focusing on her face.

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