1. SimoneDeB

    She obviously shaves the backs of her legs with the same cheese grater she mangled her shins with

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    In honor of what is undoubtedly one of the 3 greatest pics ever shown on this site, I think all pictures for the rest of the week should have this kid photoshopped into the background.

    He has to be behind Jennifer Love Hewitt in her next tablecloth dress pic or Kirsten Dunst in any pic.

  3. ninjaruss

    I thought that American Horror Story TV show wasn’t on until October?

  4. lets get clinical/ly rough

    Kids not gay. He usually kiss the cook for free.

  5. J.R.

    Boy, everybody’s a comedian. To be perfectly honest, I’ve seen a lot worse looking red-heads. Knowing the attitude that goes along with being red-headed, most of them are ugly as hell. Just plain nasty bitches.

  6. Sizzle

    You know, the responses have been overwhelmingly negative so far. So I’m just going to go ahead and take a shot in the dark here:

    I’d hit it.

  7. Fiona

    Phoebe – The sassy new Mexican import that’s made out of clay. German engineering and Mexican know-how helped create the first famewhore to break the $200 barrier. At this price, you might not expect more than reliable fame-whoring – but, brother, you get it! Extra features: like the custom contour saddlebags, or the beverage-gripping gash. And the money you save isn’t exactly small change!

  8. Sharon

    There’s a whole set of pics from this day… one of her from behind and she is trying VERY hard to cover her nasty a$$ up with her dress but you can still see that thing is COVERED in horrific amounts of cellulite. Hence, that kid’s priceless face.

  9. lets get clinical/ly rough

    So price gouging is allowed in Malibu? I can’t imagine what they’re charging for gas.

  10. It’s a rare occasion: to capture on film the exact moment when a person turns gay.

  11. Someone Else

    Is that the Mom from Who’s the Boss?

  12. Steelerchick

    Wasn’t she married to Arnold??

  13. Marlyn

    Carrot Top’s transformation is officially complete.

  14. Ed

    Nice tits, Skeletor.

  15. MrG

    I have to admit that Skeletor looks better in a bikini than I would have imagined.

  16. Chet

    out of frame left:
    a necrophiliac drops his shorts, drops to his knees, and starts fapping to this undead zombie
    Boy in frame is not pleased by this display, but overplays his disgust to mask his curiosity.

  17. JMC

    Beyond all understanding this apparently is better coming than going.

  18. bo

    honestly there is no caption that can make this photo better. don’t bother trying…this image stands on its own. hilarious. if there was ever a reason to believe that homosexuality is a choice, it’s written in that kid’s face.

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