1. Deacon Jones

    She was touched.

  2. whoathere

    You’re not Gretchen Rossi!

  3. whiskeyafternoon

    is it treasonous to put the american flag in direct contact with venereal diseases?

  4. CMK

    Looks like Pacino has the same response…

  5. Satan's bitch

    This is, hands down, THE funniest photo I have ever seen posted on The Superficial! Laughed so hard… SO HARD!!

    PS: I think she’s a zombie, that face ain’t natural.

  6. I don’t know what’s back there but when a teenage boy reacts that way to a girl in a bikini, something has gone horribly wrong.

  7. Drew

    The first thing I thought about when I saw this pic, was sausage wrapped in pancakes. The pig in a blanket of VD.

  8. bahahawahaha

    lol my friend met this chick as she was freaking out screaming that the paps were going to get her. She was acting like she was some sort of B-lister. I don’t even KNOW who she is for her to be on ANY list.

  9. folks, i just saw Tara Reid’s crotch. So right now this girl is um

  10. The Pope

    Just be glad you ain’t seeing it from the front, kid.

    • Facebook Me

      But we aren’t seeing it from the back either….chances are a whole lot of cottage cheese and her ass gnawing on the bottoms are going on back there.

  11. just here for laughs

    OMG Mom no!

  12. Francesca

    Take a look at the kid that is right behind her: PRICELESS!

  13. Teenage Boy

    “WHAT tha fuuuuck??!!”

  14. guy rossi

    And theres always a 12 year old white boy saying it all with his eyes.

  15. the boner

    theres always a kid in the background that says it all with his eyes

  16. The Brown Streak

    There’s nothing more sexy than the sight of leakage dripping down one’s shin.

  17. Kaywoodie Sucker

    ah, it is pretty nice from the neck down. However, the kid is classic.

  18. OHHH say can you Smell…

  19. Tuppy

    Not knowing (or caring, now) who Phoebe is, I first thought it was the scary, scary Octomom.

  20. hmna

    It’s OK, kid. You’ll hit puberty soon enough. Then you’ll understand.

    And before you remind me that she is mediocre and skanky, just remember how pubscent boys think.

  21. Ah good, we can finally put the nature over nurture argument to rest, this is how homosexuality happens.

  22. slappy magoo

    Red, White and…Brown?

  23. Nina

    I didn’t realize that Mason Verger from Hannibal was a redhead!

  24. “Take car. Go to Malibu. Kill Phoebe, grab kid, go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all this to blow over. How’s that for a slice of fried gold?”

  25. Cock Dr

    I don’t know who she is, but her desperation for fame is palpable.

  26. It'sanAbomination!

    I defy you to tell me this isn’t Chucky after a sex change operation! We will not be fooled by breasts and patriotism you psychotic doll you!!!

  27. Red White and Eww

  28. That fair must have been weak if the best celebrity they could find was the weird looking chick from Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” video.

  29. I think that kid found Captain Winky.

  30. meanwhile the hispanic paparazzi puts down his camera…”No..No senor eez not worth eet. Aye Dios Mio. La Chupacabra….”

  31. Freddo

    Dive, dive!

  32. jhim

    So who is this chick and what has she ever done??? Is she some reality “star”?

  33. Minky Wail

    Red, White, and Ewww!

  34. kitty

    He spotted the tail!

  35. Brooke

    Star spangled bikini – $35
    Professional grade paparazzi photo lens – $1,299
    Look on a young boy’s face when the words “my mom looks better naked” accidentally pop into mind – priceless.

  36. Somebody get me an extra large gunny sack. On second thoughts, better make that two!

  37. Swearin

    Look at his right arm lock up, he’s having a stroke cause of her

  38. Clown Shoes

    How vampires commit suicide.

  39. I’m guessing the Annual Labor Day Chili Cookoff resulted in some shart action that the kid was the first to notice.

  40. Venom

    The kid’s face is priceless and says it all.

    Who is this nasty bitch and why is she always on celeb websites?

  41. Uncle Denial

    How did that kid see her face from behind? I feel sad for this him. His puberty is now ruined.

  42. George P Burdll

    “I see dead people.”

  43. tlmck

    The kid is thinking: “Damn! That thing is huge!”

  44. Quoth the Superficial: “nothing could be worse than Avril Lavigne”. So here I present… nothing.

  45. shonzie

    Why’s she got a banana stuffed in the back of her… OMG!

  46. welldoneson

    She appears to have had shin work done.

  47. vlad

    The Price is Wrong!

  48. “That is the worst case of haemerroids I’ve ever seen!”

  49. alexa

    who the fuck is pheobe price?

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