1. And then I said to James, why don’t we both go for Katie on the show. Wouldn’t that be neat!?!? The producers loved it I tell ya..

  2. it had to be said

    Great try, but you are not scoring that ass.

  3. Phxprincesstara

    Am I the only one who sees his chubby?

  4. DiegoAD

    But how can he be there if he never existed?

  5. gumpadump

    “I can not fucking believe we’re not canceled yet.”

  6. Prince of roughness

    Fringe with no benefit?

  7. “This is just how I fuck Diane. It’s what I do!”

  8. Fringe is still on? seriously?

  9. bethy

    “What about ‘Free Willy’? Remember that?

  10. Alright, alright!!! $100.00.

  11. vlad

    So he plays a crash test dummy in the upcoming season?

  12. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    His face says: “I just shit myself”.
    His jeans say: “So that’s what that bulge is.”

  13. All staff members are required to stand like that as per contract.

  14. Uncle Phil

    “You can stand like that all you want, I’m still not sleeping with you.”

  15. Blech

    I fucking love this guy. I don’t know why.

  16. cheese mitts

    “Hey, don’t come over here and strike up a conversation with me and then just expect me not to whip my dick out. That’s on you, missy.”

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