1. whoathere

    “…. and then you go down on the shaft like THIS!”

  2. whiskeyafternoon

    I can’t tell if he has dementia or is just this way.

  3. JC

    “I loved you in ‘Sex and the City’!”

  4. Deacon Jones

    “Whoa, whoa, whoa Kathy! Calm down! My reality show didnt even take off, so chill the fuck out for a second….geez”

  5. and here i didn’t know LeAnn Rhimes and The Hoff were dating let alone having a lover’s quarrel.

  6. JP

    I see the Hoff, but who’s the douchebag in the grey suit?

  7. Jesus Christ, how drunk did that fucker get this time?

  8. Prince of roughness

    Are you sure Hasselhoff is not photo-bombing all this pic I see him in. I can’t imagine anyone following this guy…

  9. Prince of roughness

    I was right. It wasn’t a pap that took this pic.

  10. Geekologie

    I like him now. Anybody that don’t like horses, I don’t like.

  11. Dutch

    Someone get that crazy animal away from the horse.

  12. Perplexity

    Sadly, his staff couldn’t convince David that he was not, in fact, spiritually channeling the horse’s father.

  13. SSHGuru

    The horse has a higher IQ.

  14. You just know the horse is thinking ” So this is what my ass looks like!”

  15. Glock makes horses now? That’s an…uh…eclectic product line.

  16. George P Burdll

    No, Sweetie, I haven’t been with another horse.


    “I wanna kiss you, Suzy.”

  17. bethy

    “The maid needs to clean our mirrors this well at home! Hello!”

  18. Sin

    David was embarassed when he found out that he wasn’t sharing acting tips with Sarah Jessica Parker.

  19. For the horse, it was a clear case of mistaken identity. He mistook a douchebag for a feedbag.

  20. Colin

    “Whoa! That’s not a hamburger!”

  21. Don'tDoIt!

    Whoa, wait, so are Kim Cattrall and the other crusty-vag’s joining Baywatch too?

  22. cheese mitts

    “Dear god, Sarah Jessica Parker has gone crazy! Save me KITT!…Batman?…Hoffsicle? Shit.”

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