1. JC

    So Lanvin is a French donut shop, I assume?

  2. Deacon Jones

    (in SAW voiceover)

    “Watch out, bitches. Mommy’s got an appointment with her doggy bag.”

  3. Bonky

    “You guys are gonna photoshop this, right ? “

  4. it had to be said

    Chaz Bono switched back? Dammit. I can’t keep track anymore.

  5. bbiowa

    Bout time Wynonna Judd stopped wearing black leather all the time.

  6. Satan's bitch

    I know it’s not a word but all I can think is, can this bitch get any oinkier?

  7. That is some REALLY big pimpin’.

  8. Dr. Hufurrrrr

    Lanvin, manufacturing the highest quality specialty sized diaphragms since 1908. She’s defying Mama, you can bet on it.

  9. Urbanspaceman

    Not really a Kardashian.

  10. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    What a Pill.

  11. graghlahan

    French XXXL breath mints for Sasquatch breath? What will they think of next?

  12. Johnny P!

    Looks like Kirstie Alley managed to keep a little of
    her DWTS weight-loss off.

  13. Michelle

    Sweet jesus the apocalypse is coming! Oh wait it’s just Sasquatch.

  14. But I thought John Popper got all skinny??

  15. Cock Dr

    I’ll take the hat, the box and whatever’s in it.

    • Dibs on the wedding ring and the Herm├Ęs handbag…okay so what do we do with the body?

      • Cock Dr

        One this site it should be easy to find some sort of volunteer with a strong back, nerves of steel & a truck..
        Just don’t ask any questions about what will be done with it…it’s best not to know.

    • Colin

      You’ll take the box? What if it’s a dress or something? Unless you know someone from Barnum and Bailey looking for a big top, it won’t fit anything.

  16. Spleener

    No word of a lie, I was looking at the picture and that Jack Link’s “Messin’ with Sasquatch” ad came on the TV. Fucking co-incidence central.

    Also, I’d rather fuck the sasquatch on the TV than this ugly-ass famewhore.

  17. That hat belonged to the pizza guy. She’s got his hat and the pizza box, I presume she ate him.

  18. “Look who bought a new lunch box!”

  19. Venom

    God, this bitch is one nasty looking man.

  20. ulta

    If the hat is on her head, what does she carry in the hat box, her lunch?

  21. You may think the box contains a hat. You would be wrong. It contains her thong.

  22. SSHGuru

    Whoever can guess the amount of Krispy Kreme Donuts she has in that box wins her hat!

  23. Wait, Phillip Seymour Hoffman is a crossdresser?

  24. What a pretentious stuck up jokester…she buys a whoopie cushion for Kim, but still has to go to a boutique desinger.

  25. She ate her pimp.

  26. bethy

    “Howse twankillizer make want shop.”

  27. Sin

    She is showing us her new designer lunch box. Well, in her case, snack box because she couldn’t carry a box big enough for her lunch.

  28. shonzie

    Introducing Ms. John Candy Jr!

  29. I’m not sure Dick Tracy was quite ready for its gritty remake.

  30. vlad

    I didn’t know Lanvin made lunch boxes

  31. Colin

    Oh, God, Truman Capote’s back from the dead!

  32. Colin

    Also, what a K-hole (see caption).

  33. dali

    Lanvin just lost points. I am sad to see that they make clothes in her size.

  34. She looks like the love child of these two characters: HAHAHA!

  35. Codot

    She looks like Al Capone in drag.

  36. skuzzlebutt

    That is not Carmen Sandiego… kill it! Kill it now!

  37. DigitalV

    Boy George grew his hair out?

  38. General Disarray

    Why is that wookie dressed like Elton John?

  39. Erica

    It’s the travel case for one of Kim’s butt cheeks.

  40. Steelerchick

    I see Wynonna Judd is still fat.

  41. Chaz Bono, is a last-ditch attempt to save his appearance on DWTS, agrees to come to practice in Drag….

  42. Big_Mike


  43. cheese mitts

    Ok, between and Kim and Kris, every possible elective procedure has already been done AND they just made a killing on Kim’s fake wedding. Won’t somebody spring for a little lipo here? Oh right, she’s the bastard fathered by Chewbacca. Buuuurn her!

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