1. Deacon Jones

    Just give it up, Sly.

    The last one was horrible. That scene on the 50 cal? C’mon

  2. whiskeyafternoon

    is this the pose he struck for the Sistine chapel?

  3. the face of a high school boy who just saw Tara Reid’s crotch.

  4. Why hello there, Khloe.

  5. hbw

    No, I will NOT stick out my tongue while you finish.

  6. Blue Phoenix Radio

    Awesome picture. He is aging for real… still has great charisma. Any clown can look good, Al has character.

  7. peepee

    Lookin more and more like Phil Spector every day.

  8. slappy magoo

    had Marion Ravenwood looked into the Ark of the Covenant…

  9. Undercover

    Oooh Gerard, what happened to you?

  10. Jack

    “Please GOD, please take Sylvester Stallone’s genes back!!!”

  11. JosieBelle

    And this is what was on the other side of the Phoebe Price picture.

  12. Looks like something some dog puked up.

  13. Perplexity

    Academy Award winning mouth breather

  14. Al’s reaction to the desecration of the American flag in the previous picture.

  15. Ismoss

    ” which way did he go George which way did he go”

  16. MILF

    This is what Kim Kardashian’s soul looks like.

  17. Michael

    this is clearly a man wearing a halloween mask of al pacino made out of a recycled tire

  18. Al Pacino always looks like he needs to brush his teeth and take a shower. Yuck!

  19. Guess he just watched Madonna’s “movie”.

  20. tlmck

    Somebody get the defibrillator! He’s stroking out again!

  21. bethy

    What is this “light?” all the time?

  22. Sin

    Uh Oh…I pooped…

  23. Move along, nothing to see here. Just a man about to say hello to his little friend.

  24. RobrtL

    Meme senses tingling…

  25. Pippy Longcockings

    He’s ready to play Jesus now.

  26. vlad

    Just plain creepy how some old people sleep with their eyes open

  27. “To my darling wife, Leon, whom I love more than any man has ever loved another man in all eternity, I leave $2,700 borrowed from a $10,000 life insurance policy to be used for your sex change operation.”

  28. dontkillthemessenger

    Not another remake… We don’t need to see “Weekend At Bernie’s” again.

  29. Jayne

    “So that’s where DeNiro’s career went.”

  30. dontlooknow

    Personal Jesus?

  31. Michael D

    Awesome! So when do they release this new Call of Duty Zombie Pack?

  32. Steelerchick

    Phil Spector’s face when he was sentenced.

  33. your mom

    God, are you there? It’s Me, Margaret…

  34. cheese mitts


  35. “Where the f–k is my headband?”

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