1. Deacon Jones

    “I am ready to parrrrrrTAY….”

  2. whiskeyafternoon

    snocone and a cigarette. classy.

  3. just here for laughs

    That picture could be totally innocent, but somehow Busey makes it seem illicit.

  4. dr

    i can’t say anything bad about this.

  5. peepee

    Dakota Fanning has really grown into a woman over the summer.

  6. Cock Dr

    Someone is obviously on vacation.

  7. Tad Bit Tipsy

    That some shit right there man. I ain’t never smoked no dope like that. Fucker called it Toledo Window Box…

  8. Tracey

    HahAHAHAHAHA!! I’m crazy! That’s right ! I have no idea where I am!!@!!! I have a LOT of FUcking money !!!!! Hahahaha!!! Suck me and my giant teeth!

  9. chikaty

    can you imagine if he and hillary swank ever reproduced?

  10. the whole enchilada

    -Hey little girl, if you come and help me find my lost puppy I’ll give you one of the brightly colored things.

  11. toopier

    The real reason Jerry Lewis retired. This guy stole his fake teeth.

  12. Perplexity

    and he hopped into his fuzzy dog van on the quick, as he was late for a dog grooming client

  13. Michael

    is that a plastic bag full of clown scalps?!

  14. SSHGuru

    His Hair, It’s Magnificent!

  15. That’s actually his brain in the bag…true story!

  16. bethy

    So THAT’S a Snooki…..

  17. Sin

    Oh shit! They let that nut job actually drive?

  18. M

    He should really spring for a set of dentures that fit.

  19. vlad

    He spent the next two hours standing there trying to figure out how he was going to smoke the contents of the bag of drugs he just scored only to discover it wasn’t drugs, it was cotton candy

  20. dontlooknow

    Sloppy old f**k number 2….

  21. Clowns to the left of me….jokers on the right……

  22. Steelerchick

    Dumber!! from……

  23. AnnaDraconida

    Didn’t he just have a baby?

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