1. bbiowa

    So Tori Spelling got a chin and boob reduction and wore her husband’s pants?

  2. just here for laughs

    Why does she always look so dirty?

  3. Urbanspaceman

    Pink’s real, perhaps the only one who is.

    • PKU78

      Real & Gorgeous! She just had a baby, and looks like a real woman does without a plastic surgeon on speed dial. Let’s not forget talented!

  4. peepee

    Pink’s sense of smell is so acute, she can smell the Porta-Potties behind her.

  5. Is that the dude they had on the Man Show one time who lost a bet and had to get breast implants?

  6. chikaty

    I would say her bra is clearly showing through her shirt, but I get the impression she would not care

  7. Perplexity

    You WILL look at my breasts – even if I have to shove them to my chin

  8. Ismoss

    Time to change it to pudge.

  9. Does getting pregnant make everyone look like Tori Spelling?

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    Nice boobs… Bad everything else.

  11. Steelerchick


  12. gigi

    that snow cone looks hella good!!! some kind of berry or is it grape maybe…? yummmmm

  13. cheese mitts

    So is he pre-op or post-op?

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