1. whoathere

    I always suspected Khloe Kardashian wore a wig.

  2. Deacon Jones

    I thought this was Ricky Gervais before I clicked on it

  3. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Old hobbits die hard

  4. whiskeyafternoon

    why does he always looks like he crawled out of a vat of vegetable oil? I’d give double-middle fingers to my hair stylist, not the paparazzi.

  5. bbiowa

    How can a guy spend thousands on his face and not have $12.99 for a trip to Fantastic Sam’s?

  6. Poor guy has rheumatoid arthritis.

  7. just here for laughs

    His face has been pulled back so hard his fingers can’t help but flip the bird. Permanently.

  8. peepee

    Bye Chaz, hope your training for “Dancing With the Stars” went well.

  9. Prince of roughness

    Thank you for your support Mick.

  10. Jocelyn Wildenstein looks better than ever!

  11. yoyoblack

    i hear the music from “halloween” whenever i see him

  12. Beauty is only skin deep, but he is reeeeeallllly ugly.

  13. Apparently he is unaware of the Douchenineness of wearing Ferrari embroidered clothing.

  14. chikaty

    It’s like he was expecting today’s The Crap We Missed

  15. eeo

    I remember when this man was so damn hot. now he makes me sad :(

  16. Perplexity

    Now modeling the Rosie O’Donnell fall fashion line – Bloated and Botoxed…

  17. I see you self-checked your prostate gland twice, Mick!

  18. Oh look, he and Sam Ronson are in the same gang!

  19. The fucker has a face that looks like a rusted bicycle chain. No wonder he’s pissed all the time.

  20. You’d be pissed off all the time too if your skin resembled Spam fresh from the can.

  21. tlmck

    The only two words he actually knows.

  22. It’s hard to believe that William Shatner would make ‘faces of meth’.

  23. Brad Brown

    Every time I watch Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man I wonder WTF happened to him.

  24. Colin

    Looks like he borrowed some of Lindsay Lohan’s crack. And her nipples.

  25. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    Well, here’s proof that Tara Reid’s husband could actually have done worse.

  26. dontkillthemessenger

    Chaz Bono is disgusting.

  27. Zombie Kitty

    Fuck you sidewalk!!!

  28. Manowl

    So, Kathleen Turned lost some weight? Good for her!

  29. Manowl

    TurneR. Damn!

  30. Jayne

    Headline: “Mickey Rourke is Cold and Other News”

  31. The hand signs! I KNEW he was a Freemason!!!

  32. dontlooknow

    What a sloppy old f**k….

  33. Steelerchick

    Burn victim mad at the world. Why me why me???

  34. gigi

    wow, that’s 1 angry lady….

  35. cheese mitts

    If you looked down at his hands, does he get to sack-tap you?

  36. Clown Shoes

    You know that Perrier commercial where its real hot outside and everything is melting? Yeah well that’s what’s happening here.

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