1. It takes a brave woman to wear her anal beads as a necklace. Bravo, seƱora Hayek, bravo…

  2. Throjo

    A pearl necklace would be more suitable.

  3. ohmyfreakinggawd

    I would give anything to be that bead falling into her breasts. ….Anything. Fish, got any ideas?

  4. If I were ever to consider becoming a lesbian, this might just tip me over the edge….

  5. Perplexity

    The chain is part of a court ordered security system to prevent forced breast feeding of unknown children.

  6. Definitely, one of the yummiest actresses in Hollywood.

  7. Arzach

    Hello Salma!

  8. The breasts almost make up for the Jay Leno chin.

  9. Venom


  10. tlmck

    Excuse me ma’am. It seems one of your beads is stuck. May I assist?

  11. I wonder if she is as tight below as she is between those breasts. If so, I sure would like to go exploring.

  12. “Gravitation, or gravity, is a natural phenomenon by which physical bodies attract with a force proportional to their mass.” And that, class, is why the beads naturally tend to the cleavage.

  13. Jillia

    Jesus Christ she so hot it’s not fair. And filthy fucking rich too!!

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