1. Crabby Old Guy

    Is she blaming Debbie Reynolds for this, too?

  2. SB

    “See, I, fold my underwear like this – it’s a great spacesaver for travelling.”

  3. Maam…you’re going to have to find another place to sleep. Move along.

  4. Frank Burns

    Despite her preparation, moments later Fisher was gored by a bull.

  5. “Think my fat ass will fit in here?” queried Ms Fisher. “It’s a designer potato sack”, was the reply. “Like I didn’t know”, she retorted.

  6. Deacon Jones

    Hey, she made it much further than my attempt to steal one of those giant wine bottles from the Bellagio lobby before I left Vegas…

  7. LJ

    Artist rendering of Kim Kardashian at 50.

  8. Bigalkie


  9. [Gruff smoker's voice - possibly a man's] You want to see the Slave Leia bikini? It’s in my bag. Let me get out my changing blanket.

  10. Johnny P!

    Customs: “Do you have anything to declare?”
    Carrie: “No, I pretty much lost it all… my youth, my hot body, my fame, my acting career, my relevance, my — oh wait! I bought this blanket!”

  11. alex

    Thanks Superficial. My night is ruined.

    Some celebs are lucky…like Carrie’s mother, and Marilyn Monroe and Natalie Wood….I’m sure she’d rather be dead than have that photo seen by anyone.

    Despite what you all might say, she’s a class act.

    • dooood

      yea, i mean far as she has fallen, and as much as she looks like a wreck nowadays, you kinda gotta respect her for not giving a fuck.

    • madashell

      I agree, she’s never been one to trade on her looks or connections, so this photo is really unfortunate. But cheer up Carrie, you are still more bangable than Janice Dickenson. Even wearing the blanket like a toga.

  12. lawn

    She’s gone full circle. Once Jabba’s captive, now just Jabba.

  13. Cock Dr

    We all look like shit at the airport and the princess is no different.

    • Billebuoy

      True. But she’s been there for about two weeks now (see Superficial from back then). She was using dog for funding.
      This may be a lifestyle.

  14. tlmck

    “I’m sorry Miss Fisher, we can still see you”

  15. Considering the irony that Slavegirl Leia was once held on a leash by Jabba the Hut, I’m really curious what is on the other end of the leash she’s holding.

  16. CptCreep

    This the last thing you see right before your soul is eaten…

  17. “Higher. I can still see you.”

  18. Senor Trout

    Check and mate, Kathleen Turner.

  19. Come on in, sit right down, Carrie’s gonna have her a smoke!

  20. MyCoworkerIsHot

    Wasn’t she on Jenny Craig, weight watchers etc? She was gonna wear that bikini again no? What happened.

  21. Lohan's Parole Officer

    guess the star wars money ran out?

  22. kimmykimkim

    Would do.

  23. “Well don’t just stand there like a fucking idiot! Help me, Obi-won. you’re my only hope… to get this fucking thing folded in time for me to catch my flight. Gawd!”

  24. This just makes me sad. She seemed (seems?) like such a cool chick — even after she wasn’t “Princess Leia”, she was smart, had a great sense of humor, a wiseass. She had it together for a while as a writer, but she does seem to be going off the rails again lately.

  25. Drop the blanket and TA DAH! Oh wait, the elephant didn’t disappear.

  26. Martina

    Hey, she could play Bruce Campbell’s mom on “Burn Notice,” Sharon Gless needs a smoking and drinking buddy

  27. squishy

    Is she moving in??

  28. Yeah.. she’s winding up… in a few years she’ll hit Full Crazy.

  29. Fingergod

    “Help me, Betty Ford. You’re my only hope.”

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