1. lily

    FUGLY and classless.

    • Frunken

      Harsh. She’s just a Russian actress. To her showing nipples is the same as an exposed midriff. Has Milla Jovovich taught you nothing?

  2. Crabby Old Guy

    Nice peepers. Her eyes are okay, too.

  3. Frank Burns

    I guess modern-age inventions like bras and mirrors haven’t made it to Venice yet.

    • Gin&Tonic

      I’m pretty sure this girl knows exactly what she’s doing to get american interest: wear a transparent dress and let us know the turkey’;s done, its gonna be thanksgiving time soon

  4. Bigalkie

    Spotted leaving The Pimp and Ho Ball

  5. Frunken

    Her face must have a chameleon reflex.

  6. Bionic_Crouton

    I hope that belt will cure her scoliosis.

  7. Cock Dr

    It helps to smile. It helps a lot.

  8. “What do you mean you can see my nipples through this shirt?”

  9. “I do not know of this ‘areolas’ you speak of, but I wish you would leave me alone.”

  10. She’s probably just tired of repeating, “Hey, I’m up here.”

  11. “This year, the hottest look for a Russian lady is to have matching mole and nipples. Also, hair does not need to be shampooed, combed or styled in any way. Finally, make sure to wear belt of copper to remind everyone that you are from working class people.”

  12. Hey, Olga. Thanks for the mammaries!

  13. rawfodog

    This isn’t what I ordered from the catalog.

  14. LegMan

    Hey look! I’m wearing Rosie O’Donnell’s bracelet as a belt!

  15. Martina

    the open top almost – almost – distracts you from her terrible make up job.

  16. mike

    Very nice….

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