1. dontkillthemessenger

    Damn spell check…

    It’s Crazy Whores III

  2. lily

    facelift, much? god, her face is so pulled back you can barely see her eyes

  3. You know you’ve done a lot of porn when one fake tit tries to make a break for it…

  4. Somebody’s turning Japanese (I really think so)

  5. Is it possible to unmasturbate?

  6. it had to be said

    If only there were some sort of surgery a woman like her could use to even her breasts out.

  7. Gin&Tonic

    shocking! Bai Ling’s gone blonde!
    Not so shocking, Bai Ling’s dressed like a washed up porn star and is attending an event at a stripclub. if someone were to switch Jenna and Bai’s souls (after having to buy them back from the casting couch first) with each others bodies I think think the transition would be quite an easy one for them

  8. A far cry from the woman my elders fapped to in the 90′s. Thankfully I was never much of a fan of hers. She was boring to me.

  9. The Most Interesting

    Hef called to say that she’s Playboy material. Sorry, Courtney Stodden.

  10. Cock Dr

    Lopsided tits, botoxed into facial paralysis, face shot full of fillers.
    It all says “Yes my only worth in life is my youthful physical appearance…without it I am nothing”.
    Congratulations. By attempting to preserve and enhance what we think of as “beauty” she has destroyed it.
    It’s a Catch-22 that none of these women seem to understand.

  11. tlmck

    I think the wonky boob matches the wonky side of her face.

  12. meeps!

    A duck walks into a bar…

  13. TheTrooffairy

    Double D’s….her face on the other hand, EASILY A cups!!

  14. I think we can all guess which breast she uses to feed the baby.

  15. Bonky

    Madame Tussaud’s has really lost their touch.

  16. She’s taken more shots to the face than her husband Tito.

  17. Mama Pinkus

    I bet she and Megan have the same plastic surgeon

  18. I love how plastic surgery turns people into Asians.

  19. Apparently, the lotion she used on her face in the 90s didn’t work.

  20. Mike

    She wasn’t supposed to show up AS a Crazy Horse…

  21. Jimmy

    Her dead eyes reflect her dead soul

  22. joe

    Semen really does do wonders for a woman’s skin.

  23. JennywithaY

    You see? This is what happens when you leave your Barbie dolls out in the sun. Lesson learned.

  24. Is she trying to achieve the Wildenstein look?? Almost there…


  25. downwithmuffins

    I didn’t know they made Lucy Liu Barbie!!!

  26. whyask

    Jenna Jameson, the face of Chanel’s newest fragrance HerpesĀ® for Men and Women.

  27. Beaver Underground

    She’s not smiling. Her face is so tight she can’t close her mouth anymore.

  28. Luopis


  29. More like crazy tits III. One is defining the laws of gravity and one is obeying.

  30. mfb

    her boobs are off kilter WTF???

  31. Mig

    Wait, what happened to Lucy Lui and why is she wearing a blond wig?

  32. Through the amazing phenomenom of evolution, in only a few short years, the “Jennajameson” has developed small, squinty eyes, in order to best avoid the constant barrage of sperm to her face. Isn’t nature wonderful?

  33. Falstaff

    No tickee, no laundry!

  34. Prease to bling big bowl tempura veggies.

  35. Put It In

    What a monster!

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