1. lily

    haha remember when she claimed to be a size 6?

  2. Pretty sure she’s no longer a size 4. I wonder if that’s cause she’s made to eat all of the girlfriends that failed Tom Cruise’s auditions.

  3. What the fuck? Hasn’t she been on that stupid show for like 3 years or something?

  4. Deacon Jones

    “…..wait til they get a load of ME…”

  5. Bigalkie

    Somewhere..Parker Stevenson is laughing his head off

  6. Frank Burns

    If she was carrying one more bag, I’d think she was just stepping out for her lunch break.

  7. dooood

    at least she isn’t the most horrible looking thing on the site today…

  8. Later

    You wont like to see mee when i’m angry (hungry)… whatever works

  9. Bionic_Crouton

    Kirstie Alley leaving a rehearsal for Dancing With the Stars.They had to drag her back in because she only practiced for fifteen minutes.

  10. Cock Dr

    So “Dancing with the Stars” is her new career?
    Whatever keeps her out of the refrigerator.

  11. harlee

    the sad thing? at this point- hotter than brooke shields.

  12. More like a rehearsal for a Broadway remake of The Ring, amirite?

  13. Lohan's Parole Officer

    The Walkind Dead Season 3 meets The Biggest Loser.

  14. Emma Watson's Vagina

    In this stage set of the universe, an actress named Kristie Alley, two hundred thirty pounds or a hundred pounds less or whatever she says and who knows what time away from no chance of a comeback at Dancing with the Stars. Ms. Kristie Alley, who, by the standards of her profession is an aging, fat,over-the-hill relic of what was, and who now sees a reflection of a woman who has left too many years before too many people regretting what they did with her pictures. Ms. Kristie Alley, who might do well to look for some truth in the hard-surfaced glass of reality that stares back at her. then maybe she might escape The Superifical

  15. How is it that this woman looks more fresh faced than either Courtney Stouden or Lindsay Lohan?

  16. She’s not as big as she’s ever been, at least. And she’s trying again, so props. But if she’s going to cart around all that … er, let’s call it “naturalness” … on her face, she should at least scare up a pleasant expression.

  17. Oh, look! She cleans up good.

  18. rawfodog

    She’s certainly living long and prospering.

  19. catapostrophe

    How many large bags can you find in this photograph?

    [Hint: Five.]

  20. Martina

    this is what Scientology will do to you

  21. She was so lucky that Shelly Long decided to quit Dancing with the Stars!

  22. The only dance competition she has much of a chance at is the “Thick Leg Contest.”

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