1. “No drugs here.. No sirree. Now, if that yellow elephant looks at me ONE more time, I will lose it.”

  2. Those rappers and their Brooks Brothers suits…

  3. Bigalkie


  4. Gin&Tonic

    “SHIT! did I leave my bag of the primo weed on the back seat AGAIN? godamnit, those f’ing valets had better keep their hands off or I’m going to start singing at them

  5. Frank Burns

    “Dammit, my shorts always ride up when I walk down some stairs.”

  6. tlmck

    Sorry Joaquin. The “Little Tea Pot” routine has already been done recently.

  7. TheTrooffairy

    “Drug nugget down!! Must…keep…cheeks….tight…”

  8. ksmack

    Old and rode hard: not a good look bro.

  9. neo_v

    Am I not Merciful!!!

  10. Holy Christ. It looks like he’s been to all 69 of them, too.

  11. Raaaaaaaa

    suit by Lowes

  12. joe

    Doctor Emmitt Brown, the early years.

  13. Lohan's Parole Officer

    Uhhhh? I’m putting him on the Celebrity death watch list. Anyone anyone?

  14. Overexposure of Tom’s thetans will do that to you

  15. Martina

    gotta dress nice for the arraignment

  16. “I AM ROBOCOP…Stop or I’ll shoot.”

  17. He surveys the crowd… (internal dialogue): You are an insane group of super creepers, every last one of you.
    The he smiles, and waves…

  18. Matt

    Joaquin Phoenix actually died several years ago and has since been replaced with this life-like animatron.

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