1. lily

    one upon a time ago, she was one of the most beautiful woman on the planet

  2. JC

    It turns out black does indeed crack.

  3. Show us your tits .. to distract from that gobbler neck!

  4. She’s rocking the whole Cardassian look…

  5. Gin&Tonic

    oooh, bad lighting. she’s usually still pretty hot for her age.

  6. She’s aging well. Still a beautiful woman.

  7. tlmck

    She can still sing me to sleep any time.

  8. Didn’t she used to be famous for winning something, and then getting fired for doing something, and then never doing anything again?

    • Snack pack

      Actually, she won something lame and was likely on track toward obscurity like the rest of them. Then they found out she did something fucking great and they bailed on her. Time passed and she eventually was successful again (singing and acting). She won.

      • She was the first woman of African-American descent to be crowned Miss America, but a scandal arose when Penthouse magazine bought and published nude photographs of her. That was back in ’83. Here’s a bit of trivia…

        When Vanessa’s pix were published in Penthouse, who was the centerfold in that issue…Give up?

        An underage Traci Lords!

  9. “I see you, Nicole Kidman. You want a staring contest? You got it. It’s on.”

  10. Lohan's Parole Officer

    need the anti wrinkle filter now. chop chop!

  11. madashell

    She only compares unfavorably with her younger self: a stunning beauty queen. For a middle-aged mother of 4, she looks good. If you doubt it, go back and look at Janice Dickenson again.

    • Yes, but Janice Dickinson is 57 and Vanessa Williams is 49. Those are some pretty crucial aging years. Not putting Vanessa down, but when Janice was a young lass, she was incredible looking. Better than Ms. Williams, imho.


  12. “Dude, I don’t care what your Dad says – your Mom is still hot.”

  13. TheTrooffairy

    Using proactive = Face looking like Kim K’s cheese thighs…. BUYING IT!!!

  14. donkeylicks

    God Emperor of Dune Leto II of House Atreides

  15. My God…didn’t we learn our lesson from Nicole Kidman? Keep all attractive women away from tennis matches!

  16. Jade

    Daisy Duke spent a little too much time in the sun.

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