1. lily

    looks pretty but hard to say with those sunglasses the size of Kim Ks ass on her face

  2. Crabby Old Guy

    Where’s that shark from “Jaws” when you need him?

  3. As if the ocean didn’t smell enough like raw fish…

  4. your mom

    If she thinks she’s gonna ride the coat tails of Lindsay Lohan’s “comeback,” she’s gonna be there a while…

  5. Blech

    Lindsay should really get her shit together… because in less than a year, she’ll be this monstrosity.

  6. Cock Dr

    That ain’t no mermaid.

  7. She’s being used for chum, right?

  8. There will be no grunion run this year.

  9. Jon Hex

    I kind of hate America now.

  10. Not heard: the giant when they pried her off the sand.

  11. Not heard: the giant THURRPP when they pried her off the sand.

  12. Honestly, it’s like looking at a mentally deranged homeless person who has no idea they’re crazy OR homeless. I have nothing but pity for her. Seriously, pics of this woman just make me feel sad inside. Not as sad as I feel after I finish masturbating to her pics, but still…

  13. DAMN! Look at those cheeks. Now we know where she hides all her money!


  14. Martina

    she’s modeling for a flotation device company now?

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