1. me

    daddy, are the douche bangs reaaaaalllly necessary?

  2. EricLr

    Daddy doesn’t get dressed anymore. Mommy told me not to talk about it.

  3. SIN

    Talk about chilling for the summer.

  4. Deacon Jones


  5. He found a way to be more embarrassing than he was in Spider Man 3. I owe my brother 10 bucks.

  6. Blech

    Headlights. On.

  7. who wears short shorts?

  8. Joe

    He’s practicing for the breast-development talk with his daughter.

  9. Lohan's Parole Officer

    Hurry up, daddy before anyone sees me.

  10. The lights are on…but you’re not home…you’re outside, and not alone…

  11. kimmykimkim

    He looks more like Sarah Gilbert everyday.

  12. NotSoMuch

    Pants are for real men.

  13. “Ok, so we open with it now being ten years since the events of the last film, Peter and MJ have not only gotten married and had a kid, but they’ve also divorced!”
    “Ok, lovin’ it…”
    “And since MJ has walked on out Parker, he not only has to work to pay the bills for both him and his seriously ill aunt May, but he also has to raise a daughter as a single Dad. He discovers that it’s all too much, so when we first see him, he’s actually been retired from being Spider-Man for 3-4 years now. He feels that the only way to be a good Father and provider is to give up being Spider-Man. He’s chosen his family over being a superhero!”
    “Nice! Love it!”
    “And since he wants his daughter to have the best possible life and not suffer like he did (Since he was basically raised by just one person – his aunt) he decides to take female hormones and dress in women’s under pants when he goes out in public. That way his daughter will know what it’s like to have both a Mom and a Dad!”
    “Uhhhhhh…. “

  14. Most of the time the parents dress the children. This is not one of those times.

  15. Aaron

    Man I wish I could get away with wearing an undershirt and boxers to work…oh wait, he doesn’t have “work” any more. That explains it.

  16. catapostrophe

    Fancy men use only “premium” ice.

  17. Martina

    “gotta run, play date with Suri …”

  18. TheTrooffairy

    Forgot his training bra….AND they’re wearing almost matching prints. I’d say their outing was a success.

  19. Makes me miss the days when my children were little…

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