1. dontkillthemessenger

    Who forgot to recharge her battery?

  2. Colin


  3. “Uhmmm listen, Nicole. The execs called and said you were perfect for the part. They just need you to play up the soul-less bitch look a bit..”

  4. Hank

    The botox has reached her cerebral cortex.

  5. EricLr

    0490…Powering down….awaiting further instructions…systems nominal.

  6. Crabby Old Guy

    Same face as when she has an orgasim.

    • catapostrophe

      Why can’t I thumb this down [for the egregious spelling error]? What’s with the always-malfunctioning thumb buttons, anyway?

  7. Bigalkie

    People typically take in the US Open to.. ummm.. enjoy themselves?

  8. it had to be said

    Ah, that was the sunshine I thought I saw over Queens.

  9. JC

    On this season of Mad Men, we’re introducing a new character: Betty Draper’s older sister.

  10. sprub

    Chill Nicole !
    No need to make a fool of yourself by acting all crazy… it’s tennis, you know, decorum and all that.

  11. You can tell she’s excited to be there.

  12. Bionic_Crouton

    “Hello Nicole…This is L Ron Hubbard…. Resistance is futile…You will be assimilated!”

  13. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I’m not saying anything. I like to think they can still hear us.

  14. Johnny P!

    She’s thrilled! Excited? Angry? On the verge of an orgasm? Disappointed? Elated? Dismayed?
    Damn you, Botox!!!

  15. I’m smiling! I’m smiling!!! Right?!?

  16. Jezebel

    “But I am smiling.”

  17. Jack Ketch

    Oh come on, Nicole, you HAVE to be loving all this shit coming out about the maniacal, lift-wearing midget … non ?

  18. Frank Burns

    Kidman’s dress from the “Premature Grandma” clothing line at Sears.

  19. Josie

    too much botox??

  20. cagster

    Poor gal…..she sits like that all day, can’t even dress herself….

  21. Wheres my hat ?

    All Hail the Hypno-Toad !

  22. Auditioning for Mannequin 3.

  23. Radadoon

    Damn, they are still listening to my thoughts… OK, try this… Tom is a midget, TCLTC. Tom is short in many ways, TCLT. Tom is an alien, TCLTC… No woman can ever satisfy Tom, TCLTC…

  24. Brit

    She’s at that difficult age that all actresses contend with, between youthful hottie and politician’s wife.

  25. “My name is Nicole Kidman, millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht.”

    • I swear to God I didn’t see this before I posted that thing to the Scientologist commenter in the Scientology thread. It’s just been one of those days, I guess.

  26. On a scale of kristen Stewart to Stepford Wife, this is a pretty perfect fusion.

  27. Lohan's Parole Officer

    Her Xenu Kill Chip was never removed. Nicole will always be in the Sleeper Cell of Tom’s ex-wifes!

  28. anansigirls

    Now I know where my old kitchen curtains went to.

  29. I like to see her lips back to normalish, at least.

  30. TheTrooffairy

    Hey Nicole, can I have my soul back???

  31. donkeylicks

    Meanwhile at the Nickleback concert…

  32. catapostrophe

    FUN FACT: Aussie actress Nicole Kidman loathes tennis!

  33. How could there not be a Stepford Wives 2, 3 and 4?

  34. Martina

    “I … must … watch … tennis …”

  35. HollywoodOutsider

    Somewhere, Anthony Hopkins is freaking out.

  36. squishy

    Someone forgot to wind her up….Keith where are you!!!!!

  37. Gabe Kaplan

    “…enough about my prostate operation how have you been?”

  38. Poor Nicole is totally obsessed by the memory of her marriage to Herr Cruise.

  39. I just think she is heavily medicated, probably trying to redirect all the hater energy she has had thrown at her like fucking crazy since she started her film career. I don’t like to talk about my ex… (she has enough mischief in her life with flakey britches). No gonna comment on her skill level. I think she’s a nice person.

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