1. lily

    trashy beyond belief with the face of an ape

  2. Bigalkie

    Dr. Cornelius I presume

  3. savedatwins

    know what’s missing from this picture? weed and a beer and a black eye

  4. Blech

    She should just do porn already. It’s in her blood… Just get it over with!

  5. TheTrooffairy

    What is it with dudes posting pics from that viewpoint?! ….oh wait

  6. Josie

    When she 1st came out on the music scene a couple of yrs ago, I thought she was sooo beautiful but now? Not so much….now shes just trashy :/

  7. She attached this in a text to Chris Brown with a message saying “I peep ur phone LOL”

  8. You can hate her all you want, but I’ll bet she can perform some pretty exciting maneuvers with those pretty lips!

  9. Social Media: Let’s give every insecure famewhore a soapboxâ„¢

  10. Pine Table Fever

    All this pig does is go on holiday all the time.

  11. Hell… we all know it’s not the angel she’s listening to. Where’s that damn devil!

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