1. EricLR

    The only autograph request came from the blind kid who thought he was any other actor from Spiderman.

  2. Voice of Reisling

    He’s actually writing a novel, a treatise on government’s role in land transfers, and a recipe for an amazing new souffle.

  3. “I will gladly write a check to whatever foundation is seeking a cure for this poor child’s… giant…. headitis..”

  4. James no doubt played God in the film.

  5. cc

    When do you think that boy will come out to his parents?

  6. Keep talking kid. James Franco doesn’t care.

  7. Dr.J

    526 comments? And shit, that kid is totally normal looking. He’s just in the middle of saying something.

  8. “The Body of Christ…Hey, don’t I get some of that Dago Red, too?”

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