1. Voice of Reisling

    The Cradle-A-Ferret Workout is all the rage.

  2. BP

    Wardrobe by Wal-Mart!

  3. EricLR

    About the best you can say is that she dresses better than Miley.

  4. “Momma! Get the stove fired up, we done gone have roadkill pot pie tonight!”

  5. I don’t understand why scientists even make owl-monkeys.

  6. She mothers her pets more than her own children.

  7. Napoupi

    Not that I see her carrying a roadkill she looks more and more like Mama June.

  8. What the fuck is that? An owl? Those things will kill you, you know.

  9. I have come to the conclusion that I will always be attracted to Britney. It may be a curse…

  10. ruckus

    BitBit was found after 3 years, living in the cushions of Britney’s couch, having lived off the plentiful cheetos and mike & ikes found there.

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