1. Hopalong

    Know what that piece of luggage is? A breast pump. Must be the model they use for manatees. I’m just surprised it doesn’t have wheels or pontoons.

  2. Voice of Reisling

    False. That’s a lunchbox.

  3. joe

    She’s about 2/3 as Busy as she was a few months ago.

  4. Let me guess…a portable sausage making machine?

  5. crb

    Look, the guy at AutoZone lied to you lady.

    You’re gonna need more than just a Honda Civic battery to jump-start a 14-horsepower breast-pump.

    Better get one of those deep-cycle marine batteries Larry Ellison uses for his Bayliner,

    Yeah, Aisle 14…

  6. Keep an eye out for Buffalo Bill.

  7. fred

    I too do not know what that is, but if I had to guess, I would say state-of-the-art gravy carrier.

  8. Wait a minute… wasn’t she working out every day, dieting and trying to lose weight? I call shenanigans!

  9. hahaha it’s totally the pursuit of happyness

  10. ruckus

    They laugh at her weight, they laugh at her name, but they don’t laugh at her 265 average.

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