1. Voice of Reisling

    Eating for two many.

  2. EricLR

    If we’re playing “What’s in the box?” I’m going to guess “Body parts from a now-former fiance that kept foolishly trying to make a run for it.”

  3. BP

    Why is she wearing the St Louis Cardinals World Series Flag on her ass?

  4. cc

    Never mind, her freaking out over the trunk of full of crabs was one of the most unintentionally funny movie moments ever.

  5. “My cupcakes bring all the paps to my yard…”

  6. Cock Dr

    A woman with a bun in the oven needs cake to power the whole damned production.

  7. And thats just her breakfast!

  8. “I’ll have you know my fiance is at work. THAT’S why I’m carrying my own boxes. Hrrrumph!”

  9. FINALLY…I get to see Jennifer Love Hewitt’s box!

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