1. Pizzicat

    … Tesla hair?!

  2. EricLR

    Oh man, you just KNOW some Grade-A crazy shit is about to come out of that mouth. The anticipation must be killing them!

  3. Some people have Bette Davis eyes. He’s got John Travolta wig.

  4. Ken

    Obvious Hairpiece is obvious.

  5. “Well played, Mr. Travolta, well played. I raise you two hair pieces and one set of fake chest hair”

  6. I like Nick Cage, but “Joe” seems like the lamest superhero, EVER.

  7. A round of applause for hair dye.

  8. If he bought a wig, how long would he have toupée?

  9. I just can’t stop staring at the wicked Stalin mustache on his head

  10. Margaret

    The pre-what of what?

  11. “That’s ME up on the big screen. Let’s all give me a round of applause…”

  12. Cage knows hand farts never fail to please a French audience.

  13. Something about this is just plain freaky.

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