1. dontkillthemessenger

    He’s looking rather Crack-ish.

  2. Voice of Reisling

    This photo has so many amazing comedic elements:
    1. Gerard Butler
    2. Background Juggalo
    3. Snubbed Sandler Clone
    4. Autographed Priority Mail
    5. Autograph that probably reads “sdhjfakjf dsjfhasdk”
    6. America Ferrara downing 32 ounces of Aquafina while looking on in admiration.
    7. Gerard Butler

    • cc

      ‘Autographed Priority Mail’

      You know your star is falling when the only person who really wants your autograph…

  3. EricLR

    David Spade picks up another hot girlfriend with a cold-call, while Adam Sandler looks on in astonishment.

  4. cc

    ‘Hey buddy, I’m signing something that says ‘Subpoena’…what does subpoena mean?’

  5. Note to Gerard – Always check what you are signing.

  6. The Pope

    Ernest Goes to the Airport

  7. The good news is Gerard Butler will sign anything you preset to him. The bad news is He signs it “Fuck off!”.

  8. fred

    “Great-so you will have Snooki, the Shannon Twins, 12 buckets of KFC, CoCo, six midgets, a pound of lard, 38 dozen famous amos cookies, and a case of Captain Morgan in my room in 15 minutes?”

  9. Standing in for Gerard today will be Tom Green.

  10. On my way to the Porta Potty, see you in 5 mins.

  11. tlmck

    Yep. The gay guy is checking out his shoes.

  12. “Oh, hey Danielle Radcliffe, it’s Gerard! That shit you sent me is amazing!! Seriously, I haven’t blinked in three days and I’ve lost 27 lbs. Yes, I’m signing off and sending you payment for another shipment right now!”

  13. “Hey, gay kid, let Scotty through so we don’t all miss our plane…”

  14. Paully Boston Baby!

    Wow! Even homeless people sign autographs in LA…amazing!

  15. What the hell is that in the blue shorts?

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